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About Jake


Portrait Photography, Engagement, Proposal, Wedding photo/video, Landscape, Promotional Video, Brand Photo/Video, Fitness Photo/video, Real estate

Unique Attributes

Video Work for the NFL, Large scale brand projects for companies such as Pelican, Full wedding productions, Extensive Hawaiian island knowledge, Expert Cliff Diver, Avid hiker and explorer.

Hello and Thank you for considering my services! 


Photography is my passion and my profession; I fell in love with a camera through my passion for the outdoors. My artistic journey began in 2013 when I moved to Maui from California, and I simply have not been able to put the camera down since. The thing I love most about photography is capturing moments and being able to turn that glimpse of time into an eternity of memories.


I specialize in customizing and creating a personal experience filled with fun that gives my clients lasting memories. Contact me today and lets start planning the adventure! Click the Link Below!

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